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Regular exercise benefits us both bodily and mentally, but training doesn’t have to be a chore. By including body activity in the play time with your pet, you can increase your mood while improving your strength, coordination and overall health. Here are some tips for fun exercises with your four-legged friend:

* Warm up together: Just like us, dogs must be ready to participate in any fitness program. Spending a few minutes gradually warming up is beneficial for you and your pet.

* Walking: It’s not a new idea to let your dog run or jog, but this classic fitness exercise will give you both the exercise you need and time in nature that has been proven to provide health benefits. There is no magic number as to how long you should walk your dog, but you should adjust the leash time according to your individual fitness needs and those of your pet. Older pets with painful joints still like to go for a walk, but can do better with two shorter trips than a longer walk every day.

* Try a new sport: Many pet parents think that training with their dogs ends with walking and running, but there are many outdoor activities that you can do with your pet. However, before loading Fido onto the paddle board or kayak, make sure that he is obedient and well trained. With a pet that follows your commands and stays calm at Home, You can enjoy hiking, running, camping and other activities together.

* Play Fetch: Interactive games such as Fetch, Flexibility training and nose work train your dog’s body and mind. This way you can walk and exercise with your pet, which offers health benefits and opportunities to cultivate the connection you share. These games also improve Fido’s obedience training.

* Hit the water: If you train in a pool, lake or other body of water, you and your dog will get a low-impact workout that will definitely burn calories. If you are looking for a place to swim with your pet, avoid areas with strong currents and below. After bathing, rinse your pet without chlorine or other chemicals. Swimming is a particularly good workout for older dogs with arthritis.

Be careful not to exercise too much body activity when training with your pet. Some signs of heat exhaustion in dogs include excessive wheezing, hyperventilation, and lying stop moving immediately and consult a veterinarian if your pet has any of these symptoms. In addition to keeping your pet healthy, daily exercise can also significantly reduce problem behaviors such as chewing and jumping caused by boredom and excessive energy. Spending time together strengthens the bond you share with your pet, so get out there with your canine companion soon!

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