Fri. Jun 14th, 2024

We all have heroes.

Various circumstances have made them figures that, for some reason, we must follow without hesitation.

However, this does not mean that it is always a good thing. Sometimes these heroes are not as good as we thought.

Sometimes the end simply does not justify the means.

This is what happens to Jerry in Kringle Time, an independent film that follows paths that you don’t normally cross. It’s a comedy that suddenly turns into a very dark comedy and forces us to go with the flow, while Jerry decides not to ignore a terrible fact about a childhood hero.

Acquaintance with a person becomes the discovery of a very powerful and disheartening fact.

Jerry is a television director/producer for a public broadcaster. A very small one. He’s not very happy. He is in a far from ideal relationship and his colleagues do not see him as an authority figure. Jerry has a somewhat traumatic past growing up in an Electrified house.

Fortunately, he had someone to admire: a snowman who sings and dances on television, called Kringles. To say that he was passionate is an understatement.

The Kringles show takes place at Jerry’s train station. But something is happening. The man behind the costume dies during a live show. The whole town is in mourning, while Jerry and his partners must decide how to continue the most successful program of the station. Jerry is appointed to replace the man, but the suit brings a dark part of the legacy. There’s a secret in a shoebox, and when Jerry opens it, Hell ensues.

The great revelation and the great theme of the Kringle period occur through the deconstruction of a central figure whose objectives practically do not exist. He looks at himself in the mirror, questions his own actions and returns to the same daily practices from which he cannot free himself.

When he gets the Chance of his life, he smiles for the first time and celebrates a legacy that he must now hold in his hands.

The secret behind Kringles’ character and the love people had for him is terrible. This places Jerry at the cornerstone of his life, the one that changes overnight. Then, Kringle’s time becomes a dramatic Cruzade for a man with a broken dream who forces him to leave his past behind.

Maybe you think that the plot of Kringle Time is a little childish, and I can’t say that it’s not. However, it is also strangely mixed with a horrible statement about power obscuring borders.

It is also difficult to monitor the initial incoherent tone of the film. Kringle’s time begins with a midlife crisis, cited as the main reason for Jerry’s burden after his dream came true. He must give personality to a character of whom he has written a manual. You can’t blame him for anything other than being too naive.

And if the Film focuses entirely on something else, then the plot disappears a little in favor of a collection of scary images and scenes that do not add up. The curious thing is that this is the most interesting part of the film.

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