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Lieutenant Touraine is a conscript. When she was kidnapped in her homeland — once the Shāzan Empire, now the colony of Qazāl-she was forced to serve in the colonial brigade of Balladaire with other people kidnapped like her in their home deserts.

They have recently been used in El-Wast, the capital of Qazāl and the hometown of Touraine. His immediate superior is a sadist of noble origin who disparages you and your companions at every opportunity.her commander is a respected woman who is feared both for her determined devotion to the throne and for her pragmatic brutality. Her best friend aspires to revolution, her mistress to security and Touraine herself to success, a Chance to prove her worth and that of her comrades-in-arms to her lords Balladair. When Touraine foils an assassination attempt on Luca ancien, the princess of the Ballad, Touraine plunges headlong into a whirlwind of intrigue, romance and rebellion. She experiences returnees from her past, as well as types of Magic that the nobles of Balladaire have denied, but that Touraine and her comrades know to be horribly real.

During The Two, the first book in the Magic of the Lost series by C. L. Clark, Clark presents the characters as old friends, trusting the player to derive relationships between Touraine and his comrades, the soldiers. Although it seems surprising at first – for the first chapters the reader almost constantly feels like he has missed something-he quickly becomes one of the greatest strengths of Unbroken. Because the book overwhelms the reader in this way, it gives the story a unique urgency and Motivation and convinces the reader that the answers will present themselves if they continue. Combined with Clark’s undeniable skills as a writer and world builder, this immersion in the plot makes the Unbroken a remarkably active read. It requires the reader’s attention in a way that few speculative works do.

The uninterrupted is also in the great Tradition of speculative fiction that comments directly on the real world. Clark shows an ardent and unyielding look at European colonization in North Africa and the struggle of Africans against it, and she refuses to mitigate the harshness or solve the complications that accompany it.

In the world of Clark’s Balladaire and Shālan, no benevolence dissolves and no great ideal is left uncompromised. Even its villains are motivated less by sadism or the desire for Chaos, and more motivated by the simple selfishness, greed and thoughtless cruelty of a fanatic convinced that their bigotry is in fact the truth. And yet, for all the disturbing and plausible filth, the blood and the occasional horror that covers all surfaces of this story, the Unbroken is not a dark fantasy. A current of optimism is circulating everywhere: Optimism for Touraine and Luca, Optimism for Shālan and Balladar, and perhaps Optimism for the real regions that Clark translated on the page. It is a hope that all these people and places will somehow remain, despite the destruction that imperfect, selfish and well-meaning people cause without interruption.

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