Fri. Jun 14th, 2024

Dogs are social creatures and much of their communication is through body language — but not all canine communications are easy for humans to understand. Leaning against your leg can mean different things, depending on the context in which Fido decides to reposition himself against you. Here are some reasons why your dog might lean on your leg:

1. He feels worried or anxious: pets prone to anxiety in certain situations often rely on their owners for body and emotional support. If your dog feels uncomfortable, leaning against your leg is a sign that he feels safe with his people and that you are looking for safety.

2.Il wants something: Dogs quickly learn that our body space is a great way to attract attention. Don’t be surprised if your pet leans on your leg when he craves your affection, a visit to the dog park or a treat, especially if you have rewarded his behavior with attention in the past.

3. He wants to assert his dominance: although not all canine behaviorists agree on this point, some believe that dominant dogs rely on their owners to assert their authority. Pay attention to your pet’s other positive behaviors, as well as interactions with other dogs, to see if this could be the matter with your companion. Although leaning on his person’s leg can turn out to be a sign of affection, testing his weight against other dogs can mean that your pet can compete with potential rivals. However, if his bent leg is not accompanied by any of these behaviors, there is a good chance that your pet is not trying to take your Position as pack leader.

4. He wants to be close to you: in all the examples above, your pet is counting on you because he wants to be close to you for a reason. However, in some things, Fido is really pressed against your leg just to be closer to you. Dogs love body contact with their loved ones and, especially with large breeds, bending over is a way to get closer to the people they love. Sometimes we all need a little soothing affection.

Bending is usually a normal behavior in dogs. However, if Fido’s need for human contact screams, try to identify him every time he leans against your leg. By rewarding him with attention only after removing his body from your leg, you can strengthen the mutually beneficial behavior. However, if you doubtful that your dog needs contact due to separation anxiety, ask your veterinarian if you are asking for help from a behavior-oriented animal.

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